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— Wholesale Department —

Placing Your Order

Call 847-742-1792 for Natural Garden Natives™ ordering or fax us at 847-742-2655.

All orders require a pickup or delivery date within 30 days of placement in order that we can provide the best quality product, customer service and availability.

Orders in the process of assembly are considered final orders.  Changes or cancellations, once order assembly has commenced, are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

FULL FLATS:  Please place orders in full flat quantities.  Due to the challenges and added complexities of product transfers, handling, and multiple facilities, we are not able to offer a partial flat option.

SEED:  Will Midwest Groundcovers sell seed mixes?
For now and until we have reviewed our seed inventory, there will be no seed sales.  If you have a special seed request, we can check availability, but as a general rule, we will not be selling seed or seed mixes at this time.


  • Orders placed 24 hours in advance are given top priority.  All other orders are assembled on a first come, first served basis.
  • When placing multiple orders, to assure all the orders requested are picked up accurately, please provide your staff picking up with the following information:
    • Job names
    • Purchase order numbers
    • MG order numbers
  • Multiple orders may not be pulled at the same time, so we cannot guarantee they will be staged together in the pickup yard.
  • Trade customers picking up at our Illinois Route 25 St. Charles yard receive 11% pickup discount.  The discount is calculated from the order total after any Earned Volume Discount is taken.  If special packaging or labeling is required no pickup discount is offered.
  • All orders must be picked up on the day they are scheduled to be picked up.  Order not taken within at least five days, will be charged a 25% restocking fee.
  • No pickup services are offered at these facilities:
    • Glenn, Michigan
    • Virgil, Illinois
    • Midwest Natural Garden, Route 64 in St. Charles, Illinois


  • Delivery Zones:  Determine delivery zone by zip code as listed in the Midwest Groundcovers Trade List on page 190.  Zone 1 generally indicates the greater Chicagoland region. 


Delivery Minimum

Delivery Fee

Under Minimum Drop Fee

Zone 1




Zone 2




Zone 3




Zone 4




  • Combine orders as often as possible.  Multiple orders are not necessarily pulled at the same time, so we cannot guarantee all orders will be delivered together.
  • Indicate your delivery designation:

ASAP                     Order will be scheduled on the next available truck.  In Chicagoland this is usually within 24-48 hours
Week Of                 We will combine orders to fill the next truck coming during that week.  Outside of Zone 1, this could mean holding orders up to 10 business days.  For quicker delivery, prices can be quotes for Less Than Truckload (LTL) delivery on outside carriers.
Date                       In Zone 1, you may request a specific day as early as three days from the date of order placement and up to 30 days from the order placement date.

  • Delivery Fees

Zone 1              There is no additional delivery fee.
Zone 2-4           The delivery fee is calculated on the order value after the EVD is taken and before tax is added.

  • Due to the uncertainty of diesel fuel prices, it may become necessary to adjust our delivery minimums, delivery fees, shipping zones or to add a fuel surcharge.  Click on this LINK for information about current fuel surcharges.

SALES TAX:  The State of Illinois requires that sales tax be paid on all purchases of products bought in Illinois, unless the buyer has a valid tax exemption number.  In order to not pay tax, your Certificate of Resale or tax exemption number must be on file with us.  Companies working on tax-exempt projects must submit supporting papers or a copy of the tax exempt letter from the State of Illinois advising us of the project’s tax free status.  If several orders are placed for the same job, please notify Customer Service when placing each order.  Click here for the proper form:  https://www.midwestgroundcovers.com/forms/ResaleForm.pdf

GUARANTEE:  Our plants are healthy and in good growing condition when they are sold.  Since growing conditions and plant care are out of our control once plants leave the nursery, we offer no further guarantee.



For more information, or if you would like a wholesale catalog,
e-mail us: wholesale@naturalgardennatives.com
or call Midwest Natural Garden: 847-742-1792
fax: 847-742-2655

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